Collaborative Fundraising

We are very fortunate to have the Walnut Creek Education Foundation (WCEF) K-12 and the Buena Vista PTA to help support Buena Vista’s students, teachers, and staff. Together, they bridge the gap between federal and state funding and the true cost of high-quality, well-rounded education. WCEF provides vital academic and enrichment programs such as science, arts, music, and PE. BV PTA focuses on improving students learning experiences by funding teacher and classroom supplies, technology, library, education programs, school improvement and safety, community events, and more.  



In order to keep these programs and services, we are hoping that parents give BOTH to WCEF K-12 and Buena Vista PTA. The recommended donations to meet 2018-19 goals are $600 per child to WCEF K-12 and $150 per child to BV PTA.  However, more important is a strong community coming together to give what we can. After all, all donations regardless of amount, add up to make a difference for our kids.  



Where Does Your Donation to Buena Vista PTA Go?


Curriculum: Technology and Library

Educational Programs: Character Development, Science Program K-5, Parent Education, Field Trips, Science Fair, and more

Classroom Supplies: Teachers Classroom Supplies

School Facilities and Safety: Disaster Preparedness, Facility Improvement, Recess Equipment, and Garden

Community Events: BV Jamboree, Multi-Cultural Potluck, BV Celebrates, and more

Hospitality: Staff Appreciation, Hospitality, and Teacher Welcome Luncheon 

PTA Expenses: Administrative Expenses, Website, Insurance



Just last year, BV PTA was able to fund new monitors for the library, i-pads in classrooms, safety radios to all teachers and staff, and we have much more new, exciting technology and STEAM based programs we wish to implement this year!


Please go to our Ways To Donate page to support fundraising efforts of Buena Vista and the PTA.

Please go to our WCEF page to support their annual fundraising goals.


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