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Our PTA is run by a volunteer board. Board Members are elected each spring for the following school year. If you are interested in joining the board or chairing a PTA committee, please contact our President.



Delise Anderson







 I have been a PTA Member for 4 years. My girls are Sophie (4th) and Emma (2nd), Charlotte can't wait to be a Bulldog but is only 3. As a teacher I have spent time on many different school campus' and I am so grateful for the wonderful community at BV! My girls are so fortunate experiencing an enriching education with some of the best teachers who care for them, nurture them, and help them become better people. I am always enjoying hiking in the hills near by or adventuring to new places with my family. I love my garden and its sanctuary, and grow anything from veggies to hopefully some pretty flowers. I look forward to serving on the PTA board and helping grow our BV community. 

Cari DuBois-Wright



Hello, My name is Cari DuBois-Wright.  I have been a PTA member for the past 5 years.  My son Jaxon is going into the 3rd grade.  I enjoy participating in the PTA because it helps me stay in the know, and provides the opportunity to help contribute to my son’s overall experience.  I enjoy volunteering and impacting our students across campus.  During the day I work full-time at UC Davis fundraising for student support, research, and emergency funds. Education and experiential learning opportunities are so important.  I am looking forward to supporting our President Delise, meeting you, and getting to know our BV community during the upcoming year.  Go Bulldogs!

Emily Pollard







2022 is my first year of BV's PTA, and I am excited to learn about and serve the community. I have two students at BV, Ellie (4th grade) and Matilda (1st grade).
We love that BV is our neighborhood school and the smiling faces we see on campus are the same ones we see when at the grocery store, playing soccer, or walking the dog.
When I am not at a PTA meeting I am reading, listening to a podcast, hiking with my family and our dog, hoping to pet a horse, and playing with my kids.

Pauline Grundig


Recording Secretary





This is my second year as a PTA member.

Last year was our first year at BV for Jackson (3rd Grade).

Amara is 3 and in preschool.



The reason I love BV is our wonderfully inclusive school community and our very involved families.


If I'm not at a PTA meeting then I am with the Cub Scouts, volunteering in the classroom, hiking with family, or taking the kids for swim, soccer, or other activities.

We love all that BV offers from the teachers and staff, after-school Club, the after-school enrichment classes, Cub Scouts, WC Swim Club, fellow classmates and parents, and of course PTA.



Sarah Sumnicht


VP Communications








PTA Member for 4 years.

Mom to Zoe (4th grade), Hazel (1st grade) & Leo (future BV Bulldog, currently in preschool)

The reason I love BV is...because we are an awesome, diverse, friendly community! My kids and I have made so many wonderful, lifelong friends at BV.

If I'm not at a PTA meeting then I am...teaching, leading a girl scout meeting, hiking, or spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy reading and traveling when time allows!




Rachelle Stimmel


VP of Ways & Means





 This is my first year serving on the PTA board. Mom to Gavin (2nd grade). 


The reason I love BV is....the supportive, diverse, (and fun) community! 


If I'm not at a PTA meeting, you can find me at a Giants game, concert, exploring California (usually through food and wine), spending time with friends and family or chauffeuring my son to many an activity or sporting event. 


Looking forward to the year ahead!



Sarah Appel


VP of Outreach








Jamie Fields


VP of Programs 





I have been on the PTA board for the past 2 years. Mom to Chloe (6th Grade) and Brooke (3rd Grade).


I love Buena Vista because of the community, the friends I have made and the incredible teachers that are so supportive of our children.


When I am not involved with PTA at BV, I am spending time running around with my kids and our labradoodle Abby. For work I am an Event Planner who plans everything from birthday parties to weddings and anything in-between. Looking forward to a amazing year ahead! 

Mary Stone










This is my first year on the PTA board. My daughter, Celeste (K), is excited to be a Bulldog!


I love Buena Vista because of the people! It is a great community of kids, parents, and teachers. Celeste loves her teachers, friends, and the staff at BV Club!


When I am not at a PTA meeting, I am working full-time as a Realtor, serving as the Girl Scout leader for my daughter’s troop, and shuttling her to various activities. I am looking forward to serving on the PTA board and doing my part to support our BV community!


Jon Faerber







5th year as a PTA member, second year on the board.


Father to Aaron (4th grade)


The reason I love BV is... the effort the community and staff makes. Even through a challenging year BV has made best of it to provide a quality education and experience for our children.


If I'm not at a PTA meeting then I am... juggling the rest of life: work, martial arts, volunteering for cub scouts, camping, spending time with family, and my personal favorite activity of white water rafting.






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